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- measures 6 X 9 feet

- transports easily**, in 6 sets each weighing approximately 15lbs each in their own carrying bag

- easy to set up 

- fantastic acoustics with this raised floor

- will not mark sub floor

**Transport is responsibility of the rental party.  Our floor is housed at Cambie & Marine Drive in Vancouver.  This is the pick up and drop off location.


How many times as a tap dancer, have we had to perform on a less than acceptable floor?  Our shoes and the floor are our instrument.  It's so important that we are heard properly as tap dance artists.  There seems to be so few performance venues that have floors that we are even ALLOWED to dance on, let alone have surfaces that are good for tap dancers.  

In our research we found that even most event rental companies will not rent to tap dancers.  We hope that we can support local tap artists by having this great floor available for rent so that people can experience hearing tap as it is meant to be heard!  

-  Jennifer Bishop, Tap Dancer/Instructor


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